Italian craftsmanship

The surrounding area between Pisa and Florence is where the finest leather goods are created. Only quality leather is produced and tanned in that area. It’s no coincidence that the high end designers such as Prada have their leather goods produced and tanned there. Italy, just imagine and recognize, has the best and most delicious meals, the beautiful vistas and those passionate Italian people … and within that concept WATER belongs there as well.

To summarize, the WATER attache offers you an affordable, exclusive design, limited edition, durable, beautifully made and super handy product. What else can I tell you? There are different types of leather, specifically cow, calf, lamb and goat, all of which can be tanned and manufactured in different ways. During the production phase the leather receives its beautiful, natural and radiant look. Certainly, this is a bit of a technical story, but as far as YOU are concerned it’s all about the size of the attache, the color and of course the price.
Enjoy the collection and feel the sustainable affordable luxury.

Yours to be different