Created for your comfort

During the past year, Heleen put her heart and soul into creating and launching her own line of WATER briefcase designs.
The WATER collection is made in close collaboration with an Italian family operated business.

The leather factory located between Pisa and Florence has existed for well over 80 years and is a leader in the domain of this highly specialized craft.
Heleen purchases the hides directly from the tannery and during the production process she is ever present monitoring the artisans. That is when she is in her element, where the action is, to collectively create the finest and most handsomely crafted products! Beyond that they work with the finest leather materials and the haberdashery is the end product which is so typical Heleen.

She is as “proud as a peacock” of the craftsmen and women who bring her collection of briefcases to an even higher standard (than she imagined).
Then, when the sun disappears behind the cypress trees and the workers dash home, Heleen joins the family and enjoys a plate full of homemade ravioli. Needless to say, a glass of Limoncello, salutes the end of a wonderful day.